No Win No Fee

Queensland law does recognise the right of an individual to recover damages (i.e. compensation) where that individual has suffered personal injury and a consequential loss as a result of the fault of another. The QLD Law Group offer No Win No Fee arrangements to clients of personal injury matters.

An injury may occur from:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents;
  2. Workplace accidents;
  3. Traveling to or from work;
  4. Public liability matters;
  5. Medical negligence; and
  6. Claims under your superannuation fund (i.e. total and permanent disability benefits).

Consequential loss can include:

  1. loss of wages;
  2. anticipated future loss of wages, or impairment of earning capacity; or
  3. out of pocket expenditure for medications and medical treatments, including in the future.

Queensland laws prevent us from providing any more information about our personal injury services unless you are making a genuine enquiry.

No Win No Fee Lawyers

We firmly believe no injured person should be denied justice because they can’t afford legal representation. That’s why the QLD Law Group have become a passionate advocate of the ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement.

No win No fee

‘No win, no fee’ means you will only be charged a fee once the injury claim is successful.

How are fees calculated?

Prior to settlement, we will calculate our fees which will include costs for professional services and disbursements.

Disbursements cover external expenses including medical reports and court fees.

We are happy to explain the legal costs associated with our services and the condition of our ‘no win, no fee’ arrangement to you in detail.

The Client Agreement

Queensland legislation restricts the way law firms are able to promote their personal injury services and provide information about personal injury and accident claims on the internet.

What to do Next?

If you are making a genuine enquiry, please call 07 3221 5559 or complete the form below to confirm this and access more detailed information about our personal injury services.