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Commercial Property

Business today is a minefield of legislation and obligations on business owners.

At the QLD Law Group we have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate through these challenges and let you get on with what you do best, your business.

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Commercial Company and Business.

Prevention is always preferable to litigation.

Contracts impact upon us every day. Every time we buy or sell a good or service we enter into a binding contract. Establishing good binding contracts prevent expensive legal action to interpret the rights and obligations of parties in a transaction. Whether we are talking about standard terms and conditions of sale or a contract to buy or sell a property or enterprise, getting practical advice on the contract is money well spent.

We are experienced in all types of commercial and property transactions, both locally and in the international arena. Our network of international affiliates through LAWYERS ASSOCIATED WORLDWIDE makes doing business in all our trading partners easy and seem less by providing local knowledge on international transactions.

Naturally, things do not always go to plan. When that happens our litigators can help enforce your rights and help provide a practical solution to the problem. As lawyers, we will help you negotiate rather than litigate a solution, if possible.

Competition Law

The replacement of the Trade Practices Act with the Australian Consumer Law, together with amendments to the Corporations Law, have had the effect of broadening the scope of the ACCC’s field of enquiry.

This has opened more business people to substantial penalties from prosecution for breaches of the Consumer Law.

Owners and Directors need to be aware of the obligations under the Consumer Law and take positive actions to minimise their risk of prosecution or even adverse publicity resulting from the Commission initiating enquiries into the practices of their business.

Staff at the QLD Law Group have broad experience assisting businesses, large and small, in a variety of industries. Why not take advantage of this experience to avoid the minefield of an ACCC prosecution?

Contact QLD Law Group on 3221 8000.

Corporate Advisory

Many business owners are so busy working in the business that they have little time to work “on the business”.

Business planning, risk management and succession planning are but three areas that many businesses neglect.

These issues are as important for family run businesses as they are for multi-nationals.

With the QLD Law Group’s extensive experience advising big and small businesses in numerous industries, they are in a position to offer the benefit of many years of commercial experience to assist owners and managers. They will help you look beyond the immediate demands of the business and ensure that risks are under control, strategies for future growth are in place and appropriate safeguards are installed to keep the business operating successfully.

To discuss how QLD Law Group may assist you, please contact QLD Law Group on 3221 8000.

Debt Recovery

There is nothing worse than not being paid what is owed to you. Usually people who don’t pay their debts make you feel worse by ignoring you and you have to risk losing more money chasing what is yours.

The QLD Law Group will help you recover what you are owed quickly and efficiently. If there are problems you will be told so that you will always have control over the action taken and the costs incurred.


Things do not always go to plan. When that happens the QLD Law Group can help enforce your rights and help provide a practical solution to the problem. We will help you negotiate rather than litigate a solution, if possible.

Quick action is often the best course to bring a dispute to a effective conclusion. The QLD Law Group can help you across all types of disputes including:

  • Debt recovery
  • Insolvency matters
  • Protecting intellectual property rights
  • Specific performance of contracts
  • Damages for non-performance


One of the fastest growing segments of business, franchising has advantages for both people wanting to start a business and for existing businesses that wish to expand.

For someone wanting to start a business, buying a franchise reduces the risks of starting from scratch. Franchise systems have an established brand, co-operative buying power and advertising budget.

Developing your existing business into a franchise system can allow you to grow the business both in size and geographically without bearing all the costs of increased capital necessary. It is particularly attractive model for services that require a degree of personal service.

If you are buying a franchise or establishing a new franchise system, speak to the QLD Law Group. We have experience in assisting one of Australia’s leading personal care systems grow locally and internationally. This experience can help you get it right the first time.

Hospitality and Sports

We all value our leisure time.

It is therefore not surprising that the Hospitality industry and sporting activities are a growing part of the economic fabric.

The QLD Law Group staff have substantial experience in these related industries.

Areas where we can assist clients include:

  • Obtaining and maintaining liquor licences;
  • Purchase operation and licensing of hospitality venues;
  • Structuring of ‘not for profit’ organisations supporting charitable and sporting activities;
  • Strengthening corporate governance and accountability in ‘not for profit’ organisations;
  • Advising on commercial sponsorship arrangements for sporting, charitable and other ‘not for profit’ organisations;
  • Protecting and supporting sporting talent through proper contractual arrangements;
  • Licensing and protection of intellectual property associated with individuals, charitable or sporting associations.

Industrial Relations and Employment Law

Unfair dismissal, discrimination, unwanted sexual advances, and workplace bullying are all areas receiving greater attention.

Often the problems arise because of the way the employer has handled the problem. At the QLD Law Group, our experience shows getting sound advice before taking steps against a staff member and having good published policies can go a long way to preventing a problem occurring. If the matter goes to litigation can mitigate the costs to the employer.

Benefit from our experience and speak to us about implementing our model policies in your business.


Business is getting tougher.

Many organisations struggle to meet the recurring costs of operation. When things get tough financially, it is prudent to discuss options with experienced professionals before matters are taken out of business owner’s hands by financiers.

Let the experienced professionals at the QLD Law Group advise you as to your options and allow you to rest easy regarding your future financial position.

Intellectual Property

Everyone knows about the value of their real estate and even their plant and equipment, but a surprising large number of businesses both big and small often neglect what is often their most valuable asset… their intellectual property.

Intellectual property includes your brand, know how, systems of work, and published materials. Much of this web site is the QLD Law Group’s intellectual property. Often businesses only recognise how valuable it is when they come to sell it.

However, protecting its value is an important part of day to day business. One way of protecting your intellectual property is copyright which will apply to some but not all types of intellectual property.

Our experienced lawyers can advise you on what needs to be protected and how. For an obligation free review of your intellectual property call us.


When a dispute arises, it is generally good advice to try and reach a solution sooner rather than later. The longer a dispute goes on, the less likely any party will achieve a satisfactory outcome.

At the QLD Law Group we can provide you with quick advice as to how to resolve the dispute on favourable and cost effective grounds. If the dispute can’t be settled, the QLD Law Group will fight hard for you in court and give you the QLD Law Group Difference to get you the best possible result.


Often successful businesses commence with a simple business structure. This structure however, may not be appropriate as the business becomes more successful and grows.

Apparently simple changes can trigger significant costs in capital gains tax and stamp duty charges.

However, protecting the business owners from the ups and downs of commercial life and the protection of the assets that form the basis of the successful business, are legitimate concerns.

Contact the experienced professionals at the QLD Law Group to discuss your current structure and whether a benefit could be obtained from changing that structure.

Superannuation And Taxation

We all hope to retire with a generous superannuation package that will allow us a comfortable lifestyle. Superannuation law is constantly changing and it is not hard to fall foul of the massive rules and regulations that impact on superannuation, its taxation and relationship with tax assessable income.

To work your way through the complexity of our super and taxation rules, speak to the QLD Law Group’s experienced commercial lawyers.


Trusts are a structure unique to legal systems based on the English Common Law.

Trusts can be used in a number of circumstances including:

  • To benefit recipients of income while protecting the assets of the trust
  • Providing for individuals who, due to age or a medical condition, are unable to look after their own financial affairs
  • Provide for various generations in family business structures
  • Protect assets of the family and business as they pass from one generation to another

There can be substantial taxation benefits from the operation of trusts. This has led in recent years to the adoption by many businesses of trust structures for their day to day operation.

However, the structure of trusts place obligations on trustees and restrictions on dealing with the assets of the trusts that do not always apply to other structures such as companies.

Obtaining assistance in creating trusts and advice on the rights and obligations of trustees is available from the experienced professionals at the QLD Law Group.

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