International Law

Most businesses, however small, are looking to overseas markets to increase sales.

Dealing in foreign jurisdictions can be extremely tricky, confusing and expensive for the inexperienced.

The QLD Law Group, as a member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide, has access to over 100 independent law firms located in over 50 countries. This association has been in operation for 25 years, which means that if you need legal representation in a foreign jurisdiction, a LAW member will be available to assist. The QLD Law Group is proud to be an active member of the Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) organisation.

Tap in to our international connections for assistance in your international legal requirements.




In this rapidly changing electronical age, business opportunities are no longer limited to Australia but are anywhere in the world. Bringing in overseas business to Australia isn’t something that is only done by big business but by any business that wants to.

The QLD Law Group can help you do business anywhere in the world, quickly and efficiently. We do this every day and we can do it for you anywhere you want: America, Japan, China, South Africa or England.

To do business – it is as easy as contacting the QLD Law Group by calling 07 3221 8000 or clicking here.

By being a part of Lawyers Associated Worldwide you have the local knowledge of not just the QLD Law Group in Australia but the local knowledge of our representative firm in over 150 cities around the world. Imagine how simple it will be doing business as a local anywhere in the world.

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