Do I Need a Conveyancer?

You may be asking yourself, what is conveyancing? Conveyancing is the process of transferring property to another when you are buying or selling a property.  Buying or selling a house and land is ordinarily the most important transaction a person will ever undertake so it is important to avoid pressure to sign a Contract straight away.


In Queensland, a conveyance is facilitated through the use of Standard Form Contracts. There are currently 2 such contracts in circulation, namely the Queensland Law Society REIQ Approved version and the less common ADL version.


Any misunderstanding of a Contract document, for instance, through incorrect interpretation of a clause or search result can very well lead to expensive unnecessary litigation and loss. By using an experience conveyancer, you can make sure that your best interests are looked after.


We would therefore strongly recommend that any proposed Contract be provided to us for the purpose of obtaining legal advice before signing so that various matters can be addressed including the form of Contract, relevant clauses and inspection terms, issues of joint ownership and any potential problems that might relate to the state of the property.


The conditions of the Standard Form Contracts vary considerably and the effect of their terms can be complicated. We, at QLD Law Group, offer a thorough, professional and in-expensive conveyancing service to all who embark upon this milestone step in their lives.


Every member of our conveyancing team has a vast hands-on experience of running a conveyance which in itself demands a dependable and essential knowledge of all aspects of a transaction. Our conveyancers, being every capable of handling your matter, draw on board background skills and consult with other team members so as to achieve the best possible results for you and we welcome all enquiries.


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