Motor vehicle injuries include those incurred with the involvement of a bus, bike, train, motorcycle, car, truck or other motor vehicle.

If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident due to the negligence of another person, a Lawyers can help you obtain all the compensation and damages to which you are legally entitled.

We can help if you are:

  • A pedestrian injured by a vehicle
  • A cyclist injured by a vehicle
  • Suffering a whiplash injury as a result of a vehicle accident
  • Injured while driving a vehicle
  • Injured while being a passenger in a vehicle
  • Injured in a motor vehicle accident involving livestock on the road
  • Injured on public transport

If the ‘at-fault’ vehicle is identified and negligence can be established, your claim can be made against the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurer of that vehicle. Everyone who registers a motor vehicle in Queensland must have CTP insurance, and all motor vehicle owners are liable for personal injury claims made against them by other road users.

If an ‘at-fault’ vehicle cannot be identified, is unregistered, or not covered by CTP insurance, your claim can be made against the state government, as the Nominal Defendant. There are strict time limits for this so please ensure you contact a Lawyer immediately.

If you were partly at fault, you can still claim but the compensation you are entitled to may be reduced.

Most importantly, you should obtain advice from a Lawyer before signing any documentation or responding to any settlement offer from the other party, or you may lose your right to claim damages.

You should contact us as soon as possible after the injury, because strict time limits apply for making a claim.