Introducing the new QLG App

At QLD Law Group we are excited to announce the launch of our brand new mobile app for motor vehicle clients! This app has been designed to streamline the communication between you and your lawyer and help assist in making your claim journey as easy as possible.

How will it help me?

Claim Progress Journey

Under the ‘my claim’ tab you will be able to view how your claim is progressing. It will highlight which part of the claim process your matter has reached and what steps are yet to come to keep you best informed throughout your time with QLD Law Group.

Chat with your Lawyer

Under the ‘chat’ tab you will be able to chat or video call with your lawyer in real time as well as send and receive video messages. This is a new communication method allowing you, as the client, to ask your lawyer any questions you may have or provide them with updates which may be relevant to the claim.

Stay on top of appointments

The ‘calendar’ tab will allow you to keep on top of any appointments which arise during your claim. Whether it be medical appointments or meeting with your lawyer at our offices – you can keep track of it all with the calendar.

Upload documents

From the comfort of your own home, under the ‘camera’ tab you will be able to upload relevant documents straight from your phone for your lawyer to see.


How can I download this app?

The QLG App is free to download from any Apple or Android app store. You will receive a text message from QLD Law Group providing you with a link and one time password to download the app. Currently this app is only for motor vehicle clients.


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